18 Sutherland Avenue  204.947.0251


We are not accepting walk ins for the duration of Code Red.  Customers must wear a mask on site, maintain 6 feet distance from others, and have current government issued ID. Only one customer in the office at a time.


Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Saturday 8:00 am to noon


Q. What precautions are in place for Covid-19?
A.There are several:

  • Customers and staff are required to wear masks and observe physical distancing.
  • Office surfaces are disinfected throughout the day.
  • Only 1 customer is allowed in the office at a time. Customers are asked to enter through the rear door and exit through the front door.
  • Washroom use is restricted to staff. Hand sanitizer is available.

Q. Where are you located?
A.18 Sutherland Avenue is east of Main Street, near the Louise Bridge.

Q. What do I do when I get to your yard?
A.Please wait in line and follow your turn onto the scale. Staff wearing orange vests will weigh your non-ferrous materials and instruct you where to off load your scrap.

Q. Should I sort my load of scrap?
A.Sorting your scrap beforehand will make weighing your material more efficient. Our staff will assist you at the scale.

Q. How are prices determined, and what causes prices to change?
A. Prices are based on the underlying commodities markets where supply and demand forces affect the value of the materials we handle and the prices we pay for them.

Q. Do you accept all appliances?
A. We buy everything with the exception of any appliance containing the original Freon coolant. We do not buy propane tanks, gas tanks, or sealed drums of any type.

Q. Do you pick up old appliances?
A. No, but we will give you the phone number of someone who will pick them up for you.

Q. Do you take old cars?
A. Yes we do, as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle and bring in your registration papers. We also buy car parts.

Q. Where does the scrap go and how does it get there?
A. We sort, process, and compact scrap metal for shipment in containers and by truck to foundries and mills where they are reprocessed into new products.

Q. Why do people collect pop can tabs as a fundraiser?
A. Aluminum pull tabs are easy to collect, store and sell. There is no mess or smell, they don’t take up much space, and the tab is a higher grade of aluminum than the can. Empty pop cans can also be collected and sold to us.

Q. What kind of plastic can I sell you?
A. We only buy plastics from corporate accounts and municipal collection programs. We do not accept loose plastics; your City of Winnipeg recycling bin is the best place to recycle assorted plastic material.

Q. Should I wash glass jars before I bring them to you for recycling?
A. We do not accept glass. Glass jars should be placed in your City of Winnipeg recycling bin.

Q. Do you accept Hazardous Waste materials?
A. No we don’t.  Please call 311 for a list of hazardous waste depots.